Friday, January 17, 2014

Alex attempts to make a game - Part 4: Keep on keepin' on ...


Not a whole lot of updates this time.  I think I fixed the sound issue.  Or at least I got it to work Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  I still don't know why Firefox runs so slow.  I reduced all the PNGs to 64 colors and 1 alpha if they required it.  That change didn't seem to do anything on my machine.  I also thought maybe it was because I had several canvas elements that were drawing all the time.  So I put everything on one canvas and that made things WAY worse.  So that was reverted.  One of the things I've read online was that Firefox handles arrays a bit differently than other browsers.  I could convert all my arrays to some sort of hashtable, which I believe is just like creating an generic object.  So I may give that a shot.

I added a screen that says "Loading.." so that the page isn't blank while the assets load and there is a "Start" page.  I also added some initial HUD elements.  The player can't be hit yet, so the elements don't do anything.  Except for the score.  That works.

Other than that, not much else has changed. 

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