Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alex attempts to make a game - Part 3: What's that noise!?

Game: http://www.ootr.com/Alex/NoNameFlyingGame/

So I went ahead and started playing around with how I was going to introduce sound into the game. It worked out pretty well. Actually, there is a sound test for the enemy planes but I had to remove it. 1. Because I had an issue with it playing over and over again. 2. Because Firefox couldn't decode it even though the gun shot is also a WAV file.  O_o  So I just took the code out and I'm going to revisit it soon. However, before that, I need to make a loading screen. The sky got bigger and with the sound added it takes a bit to load all the assets. So while the wait isn't HORRIBLE, it would be nice if visitors had a pretty loading screen to look at while things were going on in the background. But that means I need to design one. So I'm probably going to have to do some art for a bit. At least until I can figure out what it supposed to look like. I've already got everything on hold until the assets load so it shouldn't be too hard to play a little animation during that time. Right now the bullets do nothing. Collision detection is probably the next update.

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