Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guilty Gear - Ino

Taking a break from coding ...  I decided to do a model based on a character I didn't create.  Her name is Ino and she has one of the more interesting character designs from the Guilty Gear series.  This is only phase one.  That is, the high poly model is pretty much done.  I need to clean up some things and prepare it to be retopologized, as well as optimizing areas for better normal map transfer.  But all the pretties are here.  I just Threw a bunch of similar colors on each subtool, no REAL color work done.  I probably won't bother doing any coloring in zBrush and just focus on getting the textures to look right in the low poly modeling.  Right now the plan is to have the jacket and hat be separate objects from the rest.  Everything else will be re-topologized into one model.  I also have to do the guitar.  That'll come later.  Anyway ...

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